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Herring Cove Golf Course

136 Herring Cove Rd Welshpool

Hole 1

Length: 403 (Blue/white tees) 371 (yellow tees)

Par: 4

Handicap rating: 8

Enjoy your tee shot with the view of Herring Cove! There are trees to the left, trees to the right; fairway bunkers to the left; and the view of Herring Cove in the distance. Near the end of the hole, two large bunkers and one small one (left, back and right) around the green.

Hole 2

Length: 389 (Blue/white tees) 332 (yellow tees)

Par: 4

Handicap rating: 6

Hole 2 is a straight 389-yard par 4 with a blind tee shot. Trees once again dominate both sides of the hole, and if your drive leaks to the right, there are two fairway bunkers. The green is large and bracketed by a large bunker to the right and a smaller one to the left.

Hole 3

Length: 523 (Blue/white tees) 512 (yellow tees)

Par: 5

Handicap rating: 14

The ideal tee-off is the right centre with the first par 5 with a dogleg to the left. Centre shot should give you a clean long look to the green.There is a bunker and few trees at the bend. You will find more bunkers surrounding this long, narrow green.

Hole 4

Length: 298 (Blue/white tees) 294 (yellow tees)

Par: 4

Handicap rating: 14

Hole 4 is a short par 4 with a water hazard on the left of the fairway and trees on the right and left. Ideal shot center. Challenging hole to get on since bunkers are surrounding all a large undulating green.

Hole 5

Length: 226 (Blue/white tees) 187 (yellow tees)

Par: 3

Handicap rating: 10

There is a slight slope in front of the green, so depending on the wind factors, golfers are faced with low iron or a six iron. Near the end of the green is there a beautifully tree-framed hole that has bunkers all around.

Hole 6

Length: 371 (Blue/white tees) 343 (yellow tees)

Par: 3

Handicap rating: 2

Hole 6 has an uphill, blind tee shot with a wide fairway which gives room off your tee shot. The ideal landing area off the tee would be slightly off the right side, giving a golfer a better look at the green. Your second shot does require some accuracy because: 1) if you are long, the green slopes from back to front, and you can putt it off the green 2) if you are short, you will have an uphill shot to a blind green.

Hole 7

Length: 175 (Blue/white tees) 170 (yellow tees)

Par: 3

Handicap rating: 18

This hole is pretty straight with a par three wanting to get on the green; There are bunkers guarding the left and right sides. There is a significant drop-off behind the green, so you don’t want to bring that into play.

Hole 8

Length: 294 (Blue/white tees) 234 (yellow tees)

Par: 4

Handicap rating: 16

For hole 8, three bunkers are waiting to snare any shot, including one in the middle of the fairway. With two traps in front of the green, the ideal second shot is to put on the green. There is a blinded shot to the green, so the perfect shot is dead-centered with a good driver just over the middle fairway bunker.

Hole 9

Length: 488 (Blue/white tees) 485 (yellow tees)

Par: 5

Handicap rating: 12

A wide-open fairway greets you at the beginning of Hole 9. Fairway bunkers can cause issues on your second shot, and more bunkers and mounds surround the green as you try to close out your round with a birdie/par.


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