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1256 NB-105, Mactaquac


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Mactaquac Provincial Park is a broad woodland and recreation complex along the scenic Saint John River in New Brunswick. You’ll find a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year in this riverside playground. Discover the beauty of this 525-ha (1,300-acre) masterpiece along one of the many walking trails (one of which is wheelchair accessible), and enjoy interpretive walks through our pristine beaver pond nature reserve. Or take the fun to new heights with TreeGO Mactaquac Aerial Adventure.

Stay awhile at the Mactaquac Provincial Park campground with over 300 campsites to choose from. While you’re there, take a dip in the Park’s freshwater beaches or tee-up at the Mactaquac Golf Course. Bringing the whole family? There’s always something to celebrate in the Park, so keep your eye out for upcoming family-friendly events on the events page. 

Mactaquac is also home to two marinas, the Mactaquac Power Boat Marina and the York Centennial Sailboat Marina.


Mactaquac Provincial Park Campground

Mactaquac Provincial Park’s campground provides more than 300 campsites in both open and wooded areas (2 of which are wheelchair accessible) and features laundry facilities, hot showers and kitchen shelters. 

Campground Map

Site Types Electrical, Full-Service, Rustic Shelters, Ch-A-lets, Group Camping



Easy Easy
Moderate Moderate
Difficult Difficult
Very Difficult Very Difficult

1 - Alex Creek

Rock piles along this trail are an indication you are traveling through past farmland. The trail is a long narrow loop through the forest between a wetland and Alex Creek.

Length :2.2 km/1.364 mi. (Loop)
Estimated Time :0.75 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

2 - Alex Creek to Murch Field

Alex Creek tumbles towards the Saint John River through a small valley. Climb to the edge of the campground before dropping back down to the stream and the Murch Field Trail.

Length :0.7 km/0.434 mi. (Linear)
Estimated Time :0.25 h
Difficulty : Moderate trail

3 - Beaver Pond

Find out how beaver dams are built and the habitats they form on this trail that circles a pond. Interpretive signs and a boardwalk crossing the pond give insight to the waterfowl, frogs, and ever-changing marsh vegetation that call the pond home. You will find signs of beaver activity and may even see a beaver.

Length :1.3 km/0.806 mi. (Loop)
Estimated Time :0.5 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

4 - Beaver Pond to Alex Creek

This trail is shared with the beaver lodge and you can expect to see the busy beavers in action. Follow along a beaver pond with a large, old beaver hut. The pond was once a forest and you can look for duck nesting boxes in the dead trees that were flooded by the pond.

Length :0.6 km/0.372 mi. (Linear)
Estimated Time :0.25 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

5 - Little Mactaquac Stream

After passing through a softwood forest the trail follows Little Mactaquac Stream before returning through a more mixed forest. Cross the stream and stop at the lean-to style shelter as you pass.

Length :2.4 km/1.488 mi. (Loop)
Estimated Time :0.91 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

6 - Maple Sugar

Interpretive signs describe the many, large hardwood trees you pass along the trail. This hardwood ridge is representative of the hardwood forest that lines the Saint John River Valley.

Length :0.6 km/0.372 mi. (Linear)
Estimated Time :0.25 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

7 - Murch Field

Take this trail to a beautiful view of the Mactaquac head pond, an old farmer field, streams and a striking waterfall. Pass under the TreeGO Mactaquac aerial adventure course and through several small fields. One field overlooks the sailboats in the Mactaquac Marina.

Length :1.8 km/1.116 mi. (Mixed)
Estimated Time :0.5 h
Difficulty : Moderate trail

8 - Porcupine Pass

A quick walk through a mixed forest with massive large-tooth aspen trees (a favourite of the beavers) takes you to the end of a large beaver pond. Look for ducks swimming between the dead trees sticking out of the pond.

Length :0.3 km/0.186 mi. (Linear)
Estimated Time :0.16 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

9 - Scotch Lake Road

This short loop trail takes you from Mactaquac Stream to Scotch Lake Road along the back of the park. Mature spruce, cedar, and maple can be found along the mossy trail as it climbs gently up from the cedar stands through a magnificent forest of hemlock. Watch for the resident pileated woodpeckers.

Length :2.4 km/1.488 mi. (Loop)
Estimated Time :0.75 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

10 - Eagle

This old road starts at Mactaquac Beach and travels along the head pond created by the Mactaquac Dam. At several spots along the trail you can look across at the dam.

Length :2.5 km/1.55 mi. (Linear)
Estimated Time :1.16 h
Difficulty : Easy trail

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