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République Provincial Park

Hours of operation

Dates Hours
May 20, 2022 - September 18, 2022 (No data)


Camping (HST NOT included)

Daily Fee - Full service $34.78

Daily Fee – Full service 50amp (Republique) $47.83

Daily Fee - Site with electricity $29.57

Daily Fee – Un-serviced site $26.96

Daily Fee - Group campsite (tent) $13.04

Daily Fee - Rustic Shelter $52.17

Daily Fee - Wilderness Campsite $16.52

Daily Fee - Backcountry campsite $10.43

Daily winter camping fee $8.70

Seniors discount to daily camping fees excluding group camping and Heritage cabins 10%

Monthly Fee - Site with electricity $791.30

Monthly Fee - Full service $934.78

Monthly Fee – Un-serviced site $695.65

Seasonal Fee - with electricity $1,652.17

Seasonal Fee - without electricity $1,321.74

Seasonal winter fee $208.70

Ch-A-let $86.96


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