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Tide Tables

You'll want to visit the Hopewell Rocks during both high tide and low tide so you can truly appreciate the height and range of the Bay of Fundy tides.

Your entrance fee for the Hopewell Rocks is valid for two consecutive days. This means you can return during park hours on the day of purchase and on the following day to see both the high and low tides.

Please be sure to check our tide tables to help plan your visit.

*Actual ocean floor access time may vary and will be at the discretion of park staff

Is it better to see high tide or low tide? It's your choice!

See high tide first: Some visitors prefer to see the high tide first and then return later to walk the ocean floor and explore the coves and sea stack formations.

See low tide first: Others want to explore the ocean floor and sea stack formations first, then return to see those same formations surrounded by water, as our massive tides fill the Bay of Fundy.

See both in the same day: Many visitors make plans to stay for the whole day. They walk the ocean floor, then stay to watch the shift between low and high tides. It's fun to see how quickly the tide comes in.

 Tide Tables

Notice: This product has been produced by or for NB Parks and includes data and services provided by the Canadian Hydrographic Service of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The incorporation of data sourced from the Canadian Hydrographic Service of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans within this product does NOT constitute an endorsement by the Canadian Hydrographic Service or the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of this product.

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